Principles of proper use of polyester pools

SetoPOOLS swimming pools are characterized by high durability and long service life. Maintenance of polyester pool is extremely easy to perform compared to other types of pools (i.e. liner or tile), thus making this type of shells more user friendly.


In order to maintain adequate quality of water, the pool must be continuously filtered. Pool filtration system forms a closed water circuit, wherein the water is sucked in, then pumped through a filter, and returned back to the pool after purification. Properly selected device should ensure that the water in the pool is filtered 4 times a day. It should be noted that effective water treatment also requires the use of proper pool chemistry, which disinfects the water to an adequate degree.

Cleaning the pool

SetoPOOLS swimming pools are made of high quality materials. The pool coating is smooth and resistant to sticking of dirt and debris. All you need to clean the pool is a soft cloth and a cleaning agent in the form of an appropriate detergent. No need to scrub or use special tools, as is the case with liner or tile pools. It is worth mentioning that the greatest pool pollution occurs in the fall and winter. Proper preparation of the pool for winter – by pouring appropriate agents and covering with tarp - significantly extends the life of our pool.

Application of pool chemistry

Proper use of the swimming pool is associated with the use of pool chemistry. It is worthwhile to ensure that appropriate parameters of the water are maintained at all times by regularly testing the pH, dosing chlorine or active oxygen with appropriate frequency, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and regularly rinsing the filter. Properly maintained pool will contain crystal clear water, not contaminated by coating of lime or algae.

Preparing for winter

Part of the water remains in the pool during winter, which may come as a surprise to many people who are planning construction of a pool. Frozen water in the pool will counteract the pressure of frozen ground around the pool, and the appropriate shape of SetoPOOLS shell prevents the expanding ice from destroying the pool. Water level in the pool should be reduced by about 20-30 cm below the inlet nozzles, so as to allow the release of water from the pool pipes. Additionally, covering the pool with tarp will certainly make the spring cleaning of the pool easier and significantly extend its life.