Additional equipment in polyester pools

is an essential element of any pool. Continuous filtration of the pool water increases attractiveness of the swimming pool and, what is very important, guarantees proper water hygiene. It is worth noting that the proper care of the pool water is beneficial for its durability.
special lamps are mounted in the wall of the pool. By highlighting the pool, they provide excellent effects during evening baths and create a unique atmosphere in the garden. Depending on the size of the swimming pool one or two lamps are mounted. Installing LED lights minimizes lighting costs.
usually in the form of bubble wrap with a special structure and thickness of 400-500 microns. A film of this type is matched to the internal shape of the pool and pulled over the water surface of the pool when not in use. Thanks to the use of aluminum reels the process of winding and unwinding the cover only takes a few moments and is easy to perform even by one person. Covering the pool prevents excessive cooling down of the water on colder days and nights, and its use increases average water temperature by as much as 4 degrees Celsius!
is a device which generates a strong stream of water allowing you to swim in place. It consists of two components - a special jet nozzle, mounted in the wall of the pool and a high efficiency pump - mounted near the pool. Despite its significant cost, the Counter-Swim option is often chosen by customers who are looking for a more intense swimming experience.
currently the most popular way of heating the pool water is the installation of an air water heat pump. It is a cost-effective and, above all, practical, as it gives user the option of continuous water heating - even on cloudy days or at night. At the same time, energy consumption is minimal. Another popular way of heating garden pools is through the use of a heat exchanger connected to domestic solar electricity. Heating water in garden pools extends the period of use even up to 4 months.

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