Polyester pools are manufactured entirely in a specialized facility and are handed over to the customer in form of a ready-made shell. They are made from carefully selected, multi-layer composite materials.

Over many years, we acquired vast experience in producing basins and tanks intended for continuous contact with the water. Our research resulted in development of a unique technology for manufacturing polyester pools. We called it Seto-Core™. In this technology, the traditional laminate coating was modified by the selection of appropriate materials to guarantee leak protection. Osmosis has been completely minimized.

D-Cover™ refining process developed by our engineers and used in the final stage of production allows to obtain surface with higher parameters - that is more resistant to dirt, effects of chlorinated water and sunlight.

Swimming pool design is supported by computer. This also applies to strength calculations and selection of optimal components. The base structure is executed using the latest equipment and the finishing technology we use is considered to be the most advanced in Europe.

Machine application of base layers ensures high stability and rigidity of the structure, which allowed us to eliminate metallic reinforcements.

In 2008, we began mass production of the pools in a special structural color technology. Introduction of this method enabled us to offer products in the same forms and shapes but with far more prestigious appearance. This type of swimming pools targets our most demanding customers.

Each pool has a separately conducted technical documentation of the production process, ensuring highest quality of the product received by the customer. Each complete swimming pool passes through several stages of control process ending with the issue of QC-Seto internal quality certificate.

No other manufacturer of swimming pools in this part of Europe can boast of a similar standard! The quality of our production is also evidence by the ISO:9001 certificate.