Our advantage

SetoPOOLS uses computer modeling methods already at the stage of pool shape design. Multidimensional simulation enables us to eliminate potential problems that could arise later as a result of swimming pool exploitation. As a result of our work, the pools are not only unique in appearance, but also in functionality.

Strong points

Users especially appreciate the elements which are practical in everyday use:

  • elegant and functional staircase - important element of the pool,
  • wide seats on both sides of the stairs,
  • non-slip surface on the stairs to ensure the safety of bathers,
  • upper frame of the shell, which protects against dust and sand falling directly into the pool,
  • safety frame especially useful for those who are learning to swim,
  • designated places for installation of additional attractions such as underwater lights, hydro massage or Counter-Swim.
best polyester pool
safe and comfortable stairs
special place for counter-swim installation
non-slip surface
wide seats on both sides
LED underwater lights
safety frame
elegant upper frame
smooth and glossy surface on walls and bottom
high quality gelcoat is resistant to UV and chlorine