SetoPOOLS is a good choice

The shell is essential

If you are planning to build a new swimming pool, taking a closer look at the shell of the pool as a part of a whole will lead you to the conclusion that it is the most important element of the structure. It is something worth remembering when selecting the shell. The work associated with deposition of the pool will consume the most time and resources. The shell should be primarily durable and functional, and the price criterion should be of secondary importance. Once embedded, the pool should work without problems for 10-12 years. If you choose the cheapest product, you may find that the pool will require replacement after 2-3 years!

Attention to detail

Comparing SetoPOOLS swimming pools with others, you can easily distinguish them from the competition. High attention to detail in our swimming pool is already visible at first glance. Gently rounded edges, narrow and aesthetically pleasing top frame, and well-sculpted staircase. When designing your garden, the focal point of which will be the pool, you should ensure that its form is timeless and elegant.

Comfort of use

The shape of SetoPOOLS swimming pools was designed with comfort of use in mind - well proportioned dimensions, size of the stairs, and width of the frame. Thanks to high-quality materials used in the production process, the pool area is smooth and shiny. Dirt, sludge, and organic contamination do not adhere to the surface. Maintaining cleanliness of our swimming pools is extremely easy!

Well thought-out solutions

When planning the finishing of pool environment it will be easier to select appropriate boundary stones to cover the upper frame, or paving blocks and decking that can be moved underneath the frame, because SetoPOOLS products were designed to facilitate both ways of finishing the edges of the pool.