We are one of the oldest manufacturers of polyester pools in the eastern part of Europe and one of the largest in all of Europe.

The company has more than 15 years of experience on the swimming pool market! Initially, w focused on the production of polyester components. Production of swimming pools began in 2004. From that moment on, w focused our energy on the development and perfect execution of swimming pool forms designed to meet the expectations of many different customers.

We continually invest in production facilities and technical equipment, as well as development of knowledge and skills of our employees. In 2010, w opened a new facility of which w can proudly say that it is the most modern facility of this type in our part of Europe. It was a milestone in the history of our company!

Today SetoPOOLS is the highest rated brand of pools in Poland. As the only Polish company in this industry w can boast of being awarded the ISO: 9001 quality certificate!

The SetoPOOLS brand is present on 11 European markets. Sales are rapidly increasing and our market share is growing.

Our continuous quest for the perfect product is guided by the following determinants of the highest quality:

  • distinctive products featuring a pleasing to the eye form, interesting shape and color,
  • assets guaranteeing convenience of use,
  • use of technology and raw materials to guarantee long-term durability.
High quality pools require high standards of customer service. We provide the users of our pools with a broad customer support at all stages, from the purchase to the installation of the pool.
Comprehensive knowledge of the swimming pool technology is also an asset of our trading partners, forming a network of authorized points of sale in Europe.
Positive ratings and reviews by our customers testify to the leading position of the company in the European swimming pool market.